IMC Water Catalyst


IMC Water Catalyst which is a worldwide high-tech and patented technology was invented by the Japanese specialist Dr. Miyamoto. The catalyst can not only achieve the effects of antibacterial and deodorizing, but also preventing mildew and decomposing Formaldehyde (CH20). It can be applied in different areas such as households, offices, toilets, elevators, public transports(bus/minibus) or automobiles.



4 Characteristics of IMC Water Catalyst


* Enhance the quality of air in a particular indoor environment

* Continuously decomposes offensive odors caused by bacteria and chemical molecules

*Various data is also collected including but not limited to Japan Food Safety Authority and SGS Skin Test and has confirmed IMC Water Catalyst as a safe solvent.

*Metal layer can reach the hardness of jade. The sandpaper can be abraded for 5000 times without any abrasion.

Comparison between Water Catalyst & Photocatalyst

A catalytic effect is produced continuously with water in the air for 24-hour, which maximizes the decomposition of harmful gas and lasts antibacterial effect.


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